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March 31, 2015
The area formerly known as Boston, MA, USA

They say it started as an experiment. Some mad scientist with a twirly mustache, no doubt.

The first thing we noticed was the plants. Vines, flowers, even onions and beets grew to tremendous size. Then the mushrooms. It wasn’t so bad at first, kind of pretty really. But one day someone mentioned a flock of turtles.

The mushroom you see, the reptiles love them. I don’t know why, but they can’t stop eating the things. And when they eat them, they grow. Lizards, turtles, its all the same. Koopas, heh. The kid’s been naming the things. The boys call him Toad, seems he used to have a frog he carried around with him, but the thing got a taste for the shrooms the damn kit wears like hats and one day ol’ Wart was suddenly too big to carry.

Oh the boys, right. Some white collar Italians had the sense to make a play as the infrastructure went down. They wear color coded overalls so you know which one you’re talking to. Red’s their leader. Hell, he rules the whole place now. Calls his girl “the princess”. I’m pretty sure he’s the mad scientist that started it all, but he swears it was his evil twin. What a headcase.

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