"Bullet" Bill McCollaugh


He was good playing. Played stickball with my bro. Nam was what started it.

Most of the boys back then came home with shrapnel, or didn’t come home at all. Billy came home a bullet in his ass. Doctor said it was safer just to leave it, wouldn’t harm anything. But it harmed Billy. He felt it every minute of every day.

It grated on him, nails on a chalkboard. He just got meaner and meaner. After the fall, he robbed a gun shop, if you can believe it. Knocked the shopkeeper out, loaded up, and carved out his own little place across the river.

Oh he pays homage to the man in red, sure. But don’t you go bothering old Bullet Bill unless you want a wound in your ass.


"Bullet" Bill McCollaugh

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